Refactoring in Visual Studio Code

I want to use "Search And Replace" in Visual Studio Code to change every instance of <h1>content</h4> to #### content within a document using a Regular Expression. How can I accomplish that?
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Rails Generator Cheat Sheet

A comprehensive cheat sheet basic and advanced of Rails generators
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Regenerating Views for a Existing Model from Scaffold

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Xcode 8: Adding new and existing files to C++ project in X Code

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Fixing the Digital Note Wallet 1.0.12 on MacOS (OS X)

The digital note wallet is not syncing, here is how to fix it.
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Elixir 1.5 + Linux Mint 18

Getting Started with Elixir 1.5, Phoenix Framework 1.3 and Linux Mint 18
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Linux Mint 18.2 Installation with VM Ware Fusion 8

Installing Mint on VM Ware Fusion
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Elixir Money - Assert Money.equals?(lhs, rhs) Verbosity

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Now running on Rails 5.1.2 for the 4th!

KickinEspresso on 5.1.2
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Introducing ExGtin - An Elixir GTIN Validation Library

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