Social Media Marketing Pro-Tips: Going Viral

Going viral is the most auspicious achievement of any social media marketing professional. The idea of creating a post or concept that takes a social media platform by storm is always a hope in campaign creation. And while there is never a guarantee that an idea will go viral, there are some helpful factors marketers can consider during campaign brainstorming.
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Hashtag Tips to Enhance Your Social Media Marketing

Hashtags are used on every major social media platform. Hashtags are like little filing assistants. They help organize posts that are all within a similar theme or topic.
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Managing your Facebook Lead Ad Subscribers

After you have set up your Facebook lead ad, it is now time to manage the users you have signed up for the offer. The first thing you should keep in mind is that it is always best to respond as quickly as possible. For best results, you should respond to the user’s sign-up form within an hour. Luckily, you can do this easily by setting up auto-responders.
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Best Practices: Finding the Best Social Media Marketing Platform for Your Brand’s Voice

Choosing the right social media platform for your brand is an important decision every social media marketing professional needs to make. After extensive social listening, a top consideration is what kind of voice you want to present to your consumers or connections.
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Three Web Design Trends for 2017: More Visual Touches That Tell a Story

Of all the web design trends of 2017, it seems that creating visuals for storytelling will become a renewed focus. While this has already been a trend for the last year or two, continual advances in what's possible for web design helps create a more lasting first impression.
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3 Ways to use Instagram to Generate More Leads for Your Business

Social media has become a creative way to make a product known to prospective customers and to enlist current customers to help. Instagram is, also, a very visual medium and provides interesting ways to perform market research while showing off your product.
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Optimizing Your Facebook Page

Facebook is an ever-changing goliath in the social media world. It can be hard for competitive business pages to keep up with the trending topics and new marketing tactics. In addition to a streamlined social media marketing plan, one of the best things a business can do for their Facebook fan page is to optimize the content for search engine referrals.
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Social Media Marketing: The Value of Listening to Your Audience

So, you have a new company, with a shiny, new, SEO-rich Web site, and you are ready to embark on the social media journey of your life. STOP! Before you spend copious man-hours, perfecting every social media profile you can find, there is one crucial step that is so often overlooked in social media marketing: social listening! Listening to your audience before you select your main social media platforms will actually help narrow your selection!
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Cooler Master V650 - Compact 650W 80 PLUS Gold - FreeNAS Unboxing

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User Authentication with Coherence for the Phoenix Framework in Elixir

New to Elixir and Phoenix? So are we, but were are loving these initial steps of getting involved with every aspect of a new language.
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